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Valentines Day Freebies And Gift Ideas For Her & Him

You Are Magic Free Printable by PASiNGA Concrete Chimney Air Plant Holder Valentines Day Gift Idea


Yes, you are right, I am dropping a hint here. Above, I used a chopstick, cut the card to my liking and tapped the cute quote to the stick. Reindeer moss flakes helped to put the stick and Multiflora Air Plant into place within my concrete chimney vessel. It's a wonderful surprise for all plant fans and gift idea number one!

Valentines day is coming up and I feel like I gotta to share some love with you guys! I mean you support me, love my creations, share and gift them, cherish them, well as they say - You are magic! 

Give this cute sentence a lot more weight and add it to your Valentines gift or present it as card! Yes you can, it is the thought that counts so go on, check the downloads below and print it off, best in A5 or smaller. 

Valentines day free printable by PASiNGA handwritten note 'You Are Magic'

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Eco-friendly Recycled Paper Stationery Goodness - Half Price Sale Event

Concrete desk accent and recycled paper stationery by PASiNGA design

Modern stationery made from recycled paper and card stock and printed with eco-friendly inks - goodness right? Ok not just yet?!? well, allow me to elaborate.

Today is the first of August and I still can't get over the fact that Christmas in July has passed as well. Not a huge fan I have to say but I am a fan of being organised. But that's beside the point. I was impressed with all the awareness of 'wrapping' rubbish at those events and the remarks in regards to plastic free, more sustainable or zero waste options. It was mostly the first time someone noticed my recycled paper wrappings and commented you do it just like that. Don't you?! Huge branded stores starting this with a huge campaign and act as if that would be special. It is rarely that I am speechless, you know me but at that point I did not know how to react. Yes, she was right, it is something I absolutely did from the beginning and yes, it always was part of my brand. And, yes I am not alone, to us local traders, indie crafters or designer-makers and so on this is just normal. I won't go into this today but if you like more on this read my sustainability post while crafting over here. But of course it feels good if you appreciate it too. Today however is more about my thanks to you. In my last blog post I bragged a bit, well a lot, about your amazing reviews for some of my sculptural concrete bookends and I felt the whole time I have to find a way to give back!

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Exclusive Website Specials For You To Indulge & Save - Limited Time Only



First up, I decided to keep the geometric concrete Air Plant Rocks [images above and right] on the introduction price for now - you just started to get to know these cuties and I just enjoy personalising the boxes and crafting them.

So instead of £ 22.50 they will be available for £19.50 and it is perfect if you wish to ship it directly to the recipient.

Choose and customise yours here!




Geometric Concrete Bowl Planter By PASiNGA



Third & Forth up are two candle or Air Plant holder designs! It is really up to you how you prefer to use them but your feedback has shown that these two designs are your favourites! I would never doubt you and can only join it with styling ideas over on my blog. 

Spring is here and April is my birth month, it also is by coincidence the month I started PASiNGA all the way back in, wow 2011. Oh how I remember my first market stall.... Wont go into details as this is not what todays blog post is about. I and my work and therefore PASiNGA has changed and evolved over the years quite a bit and it would not have been possible without all of you, your marvellous kind reviews, feedback and support as well as inspiration!

So here it comes, to celebrate, acknowledge and to say thank you some offers for you to indulge and save! But not to worry you will still be able to request custom finishes, as all is made to order, all the personal touches like gift notes and the complimentary gift wrap!  

Personalised Gift Box With Geometric Concrete Air Plant Rock by PASiNGA


Second up is an old time favourite of mine as this designs asks to hand carve loads of it, the whole rim of the bowl and even the details are all hand sanded all the while the material offers its own edginess. It is the geometric concrete bowl [image right and the feedback image by you below] - I used this one in some of my DIY's [ Easter bowl or Home Fragrance ] as well, if you want to have a look of it in use. But it is just a wonderful size to be used as planter, table decor or just to keep the little things.... 

I usually ask £ 23.50 but for now and for you it will be £ 20 - grab it here!


Geometric Concrete Bowl PASiNGA Hand Cast Planter With Five Star Customer Review

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Fresh Easter Gift Ideas And New Concrete Designs

Let Love Grow Concrete Air Plant Rock PASiNGA Gift Box
Let Love Grow Gift Box With Multiflora Rock

Just a few weeks to go until Easter and if you are a little like me you want to surprise! I am so happy to say that I finished some new designs for us to share and feel inspired by. I was thinking of people for whom it is hard to shop for, for people you want to give something unique, yet not too big, the plant lover or modern design fan. Well, you will be the judge!


First off - my new gift box filled with a unique concrete rock which carries a living Air Plant. I have finished three designs and the box can be personalised inside just as shown below and made fit for your gifting occasion on the outside. There is also a special introduction price of £19.50 instead of £22.50 at the moment and a gift message can of course be added as well ...

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Happy Holidays With Stunning Table Settings To Entertain This Season

Happy Holidays With Stunning Table Settings By PASiNGA To Entertain This Season
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Wonderful 'Nikolaus' With Gifting Ideas & Christmas Stories

Wonderful 'Nikolaus' With Gifting Ideas And Christmas Stories BY PASiNGA

Tomorrow is 'Nikolaus', I am not sure but I think, here in the UK it isn't such a big thing but growing up in Germany this was almost as important as Christmas. On the evening of the 5th of December we cleaned and spit polished our shoes. Put them out nicely in a row and hoped for 'Nikolaus' to put something in. If not for anything else I am keeping this tradition alive for the  cleaned shoes, haha. Anyhow, it is still 18 days until Christmas and I have featured 18 amazing designer makers and their stunning creations in the past months who could just make the perfect gift for you and your loved ones! 

Meet them all in an Advent Calendar kind of way to the left and of course in my Christmas stories ...  

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Wonderful Warm, Geometric And Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas By PASiNGA With Evergreens And Geometric Concrete Ornaments

Is there anything more exciting than wrapping a gift in anticipation of happy smiles and bright eyes, warm hugs and wonderful memories? Nothing right?! 


This year is especially exciting to me as my new concrete ornament series is available and new gift wrapping designs can be created but also because of the ever growing Furoshiki trend [where you use reusable fabric to wrap your amazing gifts]. So I decided all the presents for the adults will be gift wrapped in linen scarfs and kitchen towels - haha guess who gets which?! Right, men have to help with the dishes!
However, for my nieces and nephews I will stick to recycled paper so that they can rip it apart and enjoy that moment to the fullest. 

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Santa Is Coming, Artisan Christmas Gift Guide Part Five

Santa is coming is part 5 of the PASiNGA artisan Christmas gift guide
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Golden Happiness- Special Designer Makers Gift Guide Part Four

Golden happiness is part 4 of the PASiNGA designer maker Christmas gift guide series
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Christmas Baking - Artisan Gift Guide, Story Part Three

Christmas baking is part 3 of the PASiNGA artisan Christmas gift guide

October is here time to get the baking gear!

Alright, I wont lie - I can't bake. I guess I have two choices, learn a new craft and get the rolling pin from Rose, and my grandma's secret recipe from my face purse from Nelle. Well, I would need an Elf or Elfie herself to keep the strong black coming from Jinny's twig espresso mug and hope not only tears and sweat end up in Laras beautiful kitchen towel .... Or, I could cheekily light a candle, enjoy  my espresso calmly and buy those stunning undoubtedly delicious cookies from Sylvia and ask her to even personalise a few for my friends and family. Tadahh, excited, beautiful, and no one has to bite on eggshells, happy, done!


The choice is yours but if you are one to feel guilty for a bit of cheekiness let me ease your doubt by telling you the stories of the artisans and about the care that goes in every single work I carefully chose to present to you in this little Xmas series [Intro, Part 1, Part 2] ...

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Free Shipping Specials And Christmas Shipping Times For 2018

Christmas gift wrapping with geometric concrete
Gift wrapping with geometric concrete

The Christmas shipping timetable to have the gift happiness arrive just in time!

The following dates are based on my timeframe of crafting, finishing and wrapping as well as the shippers recommendation for the busy period of the year. 

Services to the UK

Order Date - 12 Dec - standard shipping

Order Date - 18 Dec - first class shipping upgrade will be listed

Order Date - 20 Dec - Special delivery services upon request* 

Services to the EU

Order Date - 08 Dec - standard international shipping

Order Date - 15 Dec - Special delivery services upon request*

Services to the USA / Canada 

Order Date - 03 Dec - standard international shipping

Order Date - 12 Dec -Special delivery services upon request*

I took the upmost care in calculating these times but the shippers do not guarantee their services. 



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Getting Prepared, Making To Do Lists In Style - Special Makers Gift Guide Two

Making a list is part 2 of the PASiNGA artisan Christmas gift guide series

Yes indeed, it's time to make some lists. Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner and yes, the thought of Christmas shortly after is hanging in the air. But fear not, I've got some inspiration for all those events while enjoying a good read about some lovely designer-makers and artisan crafters who would love to help us make all those festivities cherished moments!

Well, let's think of autumn and winter, well all those occasions can use a good candle. And these scented soy candles by Rebecca smell so good they can make the mood in the room unforgettable! But let's not forget the beauty side of things, to ease the stress and treat yourself her hydrating beauty balm could be just the thing!?.

< Pencil case by YolaWalaszek, Candle & Beauty Balm by [M]BOTANICALS, Bauble Fist Knot by AllAboutTheMonkey,  Pencils by DirtyWorks, Jewellery by PinkMushroom, Mittens by ValentinaKarellas; Twig Espresso Mug by JinnyNguiDesign, Notebooks, styling & photography by PASiNGA


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Cheers To the Gifting Season - Special Makers Gift Guide Part One

Cheers to the gifting season, part1 of an artisan Christmas gift guide series by PASiNGA art and design

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ... the gifting season is coming but let's get in the mood first - over the coming weeks slowly but surely the excitement is starting to grow and even the adult of the totally grown ups is starting to get into the mood that the festivities are around the corner. I promise I wont hit you with just all the 'jingle bells', well not just yet but to share three stories of three wonderful designer-makers with you, who create items you will be able to enjoy before Christmas as well as during and after, so treat yourself to get in the gifting mood, well everyone does it, no? just me? ok, well go on than give it as a thoughtful gift. Personalised, handmade unique and quality work takes time but can give endless happiness!

< Wooden baubles & banner ByPryorArrangement ; Enamel Heart Mug by smaltumfunenamelware; Mittens by ValentinaKarellas; Geometric ring by EniJewellery; styling & photography by PASiNGA

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Happiness - Gifting Independent Artisan Works This Christmas

Happiness is to be shared, artisan blog series by PASiNGA full of Christmas stories and gift ideas!
Happiness is to be shared! - personalised wooden sign by - not to worry I will introduce this lovely maker soon!

Yep, it is September. Can you believe it? And yes, it is almost time to prep for the big gifting season. I know early right?!, but I want us to start a new tradition this year or maybe you are a superstar and you continue a long lasting tradition of shopping and gifting designer-maker / artisan / indie made works. I would like to introduce some fellow designer-makers of mine, who are not just amazing in their own right but all of us a based in Europe, many in the UK, and even in London, like myself. However, quality handmade works which you can  often personalise take time to make and that's why we aspire to inspire early this year!

I know what you are waiting for, the freebie or voucher code. Don't be disappointed, I don't have a collection of those for you. It simply does not feel right and here is why. We designer-makers and artist love and live our work, everything each one of us creates is heartfelt, envisioned, crafted with care and each piece is unique in one way or another. Every time we ship something to you we ship a piece of our soul and hope that you will cherish it the same way we cherished every second making it. So all I am having is stories and the hope you will enjoy them, maybe even get inspired by them, feel the urge to shop happiness!

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Summer Gift Wrapping With Flowers & Geometric Concrete

Bright Gift Wrap Mix Of Concrete Ornaments & Flowers, maybe just the right way to say thanks!

Bright as summer - a gift wrapping mix of some garden flowers with a mix of different geometric concrete pendants. Maybe just the right way to say thanks!

Flower Gift Wrapping via Pinterest

I love the gift wrap above, which I found on Pinterest, it looks so delicate. While I am not sure where to get the printed Pergament paper - I am already starting to dry some flowers!

Recycled Paper & Concrete Ornament Gift Wrapping by PASiNGA

A minimal almost masculine way to wrap presents offers the combination of  recycled grey or brown paper, dark baker twine and hexagon ornaments.

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Green Contrast

Green and white the contrast of the winter season, images via Pinterest and PASiNGA
Green and white the contrast of the winter season
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Festive Table Settings

A stunning table setting by the
A stunning table setting by the and you will find delicious recipes as well!
Liz from shows us how to make these mini cranberry wreath place cards
Liz from shows us how to make these mini cranberry wreath place cards

... and to finish your table setting with the most magical Victorian Christmas Candle scent ever 

>>>  Ville De Fleurs  <<<

created a coupon code exclusively for us
15% off |


... oh I can smell the Christmas pudding already!

I think everyone loves a beautiful table setting. It's inviting, thoughtful and a joy to set up, isn't it?


So many stunning ideas created by such amazing talented people. I felt so inspired and decided to share my favorites with you. After all it's part of our Advent Calendar to help us get ready for Christmas and I might have a little voucher for you.

Leah from created a wonderful DIY to make these festive birch log candle pillars
Leah from created a wonderful DIY to make these festive birch log candle pillars
And if you are looking for a minimal table tree have a look at Faiths wooden tabletop christmas tree at
And if you are looking for a minimal table tree have a look at Faiths wooden tabletop christmas tree at

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Gift Wrapping

Just a small collection of gift wrap ideas as it is early. However next Sunday the 6th is the time to gift the first small present!

I have found all these wonderful simple clean and earthy ideas on Pinterest and the original pin is to find here!

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Minimalist Gift Ideas

An inspirational collection of Christmas gift ideas by InconnuLab for the cozy minimalist, book lover or architecture aficionado and many more.

Book Lovers' Soy Candle by Frostbeard Studio
Book Lovers' Soy Candle by Frostbeard Studio


And just a little hint - THEY ARE HAVING A SALE!

Geometric Cushion Designs by Mika Barr
Geometric Cushion Designs by Mika Barr


These are just my favourites but find many more over on their blog and of course don't forget to browse their lovely bags!

Sneak Peek of InconnuLAB Bags
Sneak Peek of InconnuLAB Bags

Happy Christmas Shopping!

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Christmas in London with Etsy

Etsy Made Local the London Event Invitation
Etsy Made Local the London Event Invitation
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Advent Calendar

DiY Advent Calendar via
DiY Advent Calendar by Kristine from

Let's get ready for the real Advent Calendar 2015!


I found so many wonderful DiY Calendars online that it was hard to choose as all are having their own magic twist. So here is my selection for you!


<<< On the left a classic vintage style canvas calendar. If you click the image you will find a step by step guide, including the free printables!


Wonderful Free Printable Tags by
Wonderful Free Printable Tags by Rebecca from

> > > > > > > > > > Fancy different tags or do you have larger gifts to wrap? These should be industrial trendy typography vintage perfect.

Or how about those two below! Aren't they stunning and I can't believe that they are so easy to recreate. I am working a lot with copper right now so I will be following the instructions by Heather and use all my copper tube left overs. Yay!

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Gifts From The UK - Etsy Christmas Catalogue Sneak Peek

Page 16, Etsy Christmas Catalogue 2015
Page 16, Etsy Christmas Catalogue 2015
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Minimalist - The Bestest

Etsy Treasury Collection 'The Bestest' by Annie from Mac & Lexie

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Scandinavian Inspired Decor

Etsy Treasury Collection 'Scandinavian Nursery' by Elisa from elisagabi

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Natural Delights

Etsy Treasury Collection 'Natural Selection' by Marina from NarimCrafts

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September Warm Colours

Etsy Treasury Collection 'September 14' by Olga from TomToy

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Oooh Summer

Etsy Treasury Collection 'Summer#14' by Zsófi from bohonest

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Monotone Geometric Faves

Etsy Treasury Collection 'Today's Faves' by OAOA studio from OAOAstudio

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Time to get in Christmas Mood

Mood Board Collection 'Winter Decor' with images via PASiNGA and Pinterest
Mood Board Collection 'Winter Decor'
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Christmas Gifts for a Cool Husband

Etsy Treasury Collection 'Christmas Gifts for a Cool Husband' by Liva
Etsy Treasury Collection 'Christmas Gifts for a Cool Husband'
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Good Bye 2013 ...

PASiNGA blog post 'good bye 2013'

It’s been a fantastic year 2013
and I am thankful for every minute you

allowed me to photograph, create, design and make for you.



As many of you already know I start every year with a little self-reinvention.


I am planning a shop revamp for 2014. It'll be more industrial and even more obsessed with black and white. I am looking forward to add new lines like posters next to photographic prints as well as concrete sculptures, living and lifestyle accessoires. I will go ahead with designing more minimal art cards and ‘smart xxx’ typographic prints. And some surprises are coming up as well and you're welcome to follow so you'll be the first to know.
I am looking forward to work closely with old and new clients to finish as well as start new design and photo projects.

I wish you all
Wonderful Holidays
and may 2014 be a fantastic year for all of us!




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Metal Moment ....

PASiNGA etsy treasury called factory style by Melanie on Etsy featuring PASiNGA photo art and other lovely industrial items
pure industrial love ....
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