Freebie Time, free printables and textures to feel inspired by

Mostly Mondays are in need for some inspiration, motivation or just a smile! While I shared textures the year before, I will be sharing 2019, on every other Monday, handwritten notes, thoughts and inspirational quotes as free printables. 

- for private use only, thank you -

Collection Of Inspirational Quotes For 2019

Choose Happy, two lovely free prints

Choose Happy, free PASiNGA poster printable


I think, since we talked about how to display this one outside as a statement piece for this summer, I felt it had to have the option to be printed large so this one is in high resolution when you download it on the right. It is fab when printed on A3 paper but will be alright on A2 or larger. But don't worry drag and drop from above will be good for A4 printing too ;)

Choose happy - isn't that the the right attitude!?!

Well, I think so and in relation to my last inspiring garden decor post I think it certainly is fitting, who isn't feeling free and happy surrounded by a bit of nature, friends and family? Yes, indeed I am usually not for a lot of colour in my art prints but I think I can make an exception for this one. After all, yellow is a happy sunshine colour and just about right to call for and enjoy the summer time, isn't it? 


Choose Happy - yellow
The yellow happy variation - free large printable ;D
JPG Image 730.4 KB

Please for personal use only, thank you!

Choose Happy, free monochrome PASiNGA card or poster printable


I guess you know already - I couldn't stop myself I had to make a black and white minimalist variation too. Simply because we can choose happy all year around and maybe we want to give it as motivational card. For quick and easy printing I think the laid back version works just as well. But of course it is suitable for large printing, wouldn't leave you hanging. 


Stay happy, 

Choose Happy - minimal
Black and white choose happy free printable for large poster to small card!
JPG Image 676.9 KB
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Calm Is Power, free inspirational printable

Free motivational printable 'Calm is Power' by PASiNGA design


Feel invited to make it yours below, download or drag and drop, in any case it will print best at A6 or A5 and it will be just right as a motivational card, pinned up on your wall, framed or if you like just pop it on your desk for that moment in 'crisis'. Maybe even add it to one of our concrete DIY's like this hexagon coaster to make you smile. That can't be wrong, you know in that moment. So I will suck it up now, it is Monday and my list has enough bullet points to work on for months.

Fabulous week, Antje

Calm is a power, isn't it? I feel it is and at the same time it is often hard to be so strong to actually stay calm. I don't wanna bother you with details as I think everyone can relate in one way or another. However, there are moments when this little note helped me, reminded me that I can do it, just try to find your calm, it helped me to focus and to go on. So here we go, I scanned my note and hope by sharing it with you, you will find some motivation or maybe even empowerment in such a moment too!

The power of calm as free motivational print by PASiNGA design

Free Inspirational Print Calm Is Power, hand lettered by PASiNGA

Calm Is Power
Inspirational 'Calm is Power' printable.
JPG Image 63.6 KB

... a little note, the printable are for personal use only , thank you!


Inspirational hand-lettered Calm is Power by PASiNGA
you can use drag and drop to grab 'Calm is Power'

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Valentines Day Freebies And Gift Ideas For Her & Him

You Are Magic Free Printable by PASiNGA Concrete Chimney Air Plant Holder Valentines Day Gift Idea

Yes, you are right, I am dropping a hint here. Above, I used a chopstick, cut the card to my liking and tapped the cute quote to the stick. Reindeer moss flakes helped to put the stick and Multiflora Air Plant into place within my concrete chimney vessel. It's a wonderful surprise for all plant fans and gift idea number one!

Valentines day is coming up and I feel like I gotta to share some love with you guys! I mean you support me, love my creations, share and gift them, cherish them, well as they say - You are magic. 

Give this cute sentence a lot more weight and add it to your Valentines gift or present it as card! Yes you can, it is the thought that counts so go on, check the downloads below and print it off, best in A5 or smaller. 

Valentines day free printable by PASiNGA handwritten note 'You Are Magic'

Free Valentines Card Printable by PASiNGA blog
The Diamond Gift, Ring By EniJewellery
Free PASiNGA Printable, Keychain Pocket by Suede&Co
A love note inside the gift!, Leather Keychain Pocket by Suede&Co

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds - nothing else to say beside  from they now come in 'concrete' and you can use them as paperweight, ring holder or display it proudly as a sculpture. I even created some with notes like 'you are gem' and more! But of course you can also go for the real thing and gift handcrafted jewellery by EniJewellery [ring left] or SlinkyLinksJewellery [leather earrings below]. Ahh and yes, didn't I say I want to share some love?!?' this is a second free printable for you to enjoy! Love.

Free printable Valentines Card by PASiNGA blog, Mug by Smaltumfunenamelware, Earrings by SlinkylinksJewellery
Printed as A5 card to complete the gift wrapping; Mug by smaltumfunenamelware, Earrings by SlinkyLinksJewellery

Well of course, I know, sometimes you've got big gifts to share and why not do it with the smallest card ever. Have a look to the left for inspiration, the golden leather keychain is handcrafted by Suede&Co. Marvellous, don't you think?! Too cheesy, too big, too Valentines day??? 

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Let's Wander Together Miami, free inspirational print

Let's Wander Together free printable by PASiNGA art

What can I say, of course we did wander around Miami Beach and enjoyed every bit of Art Deco, Palm Trees and colourful life as well! 
To us it all was a bit of Winter sun plus one wonderful sunrise thunder storm at the beach, marvellous! 

Miami Beach By PASiNGA
Miami Beach Sunrise

Let's wander together! indeed. First things first, I apologise for my delay in updates and of course providing this cute download but, and you wont believe it, I found the one spot in Florida without phone or internet excess - Dry Tortugas, National Park! Yes, yes, I totally recommend it to everyone to go there, it is just stunning!! Only thing was, and I am almost certain it is a good thing, once you have been there you are on proper Holiday Mode. Well, let me just say, we never switched our devices back on. 

Please be happy with me, it was so so needed to recharge and find new creativity! Anyhow, here we go catching up with things and after having fulfilled a couple of your wonderful orders and launched two new designs since I am back. Today, it's time to share some holiday impressions to inspire!

Miami Palm Trees to inspire a trip by PASiNGA

We had to visit the PAMM [Pérez Art Museum Miami] and downtown Miami too. I can only recommend an iced coffee and this relaxing view after having enjoyed the Christo and Jeanne-Claude exhibition!

Miami Travel The Design District By PASiNGA
Design District Miami
Wynwood Walls PASiNGA Miami travel Tip
Wynwood Walls

Well that's it and I hope you feel inspired. Our New Orleans and Miami as well as Key West trip was just marvellous, for a lack of a better word, and these are just a few places we visited but these are the once I can without a doubt recommend to you all!  

PAMM terrace chair, PASiNGA Miami travel tips
PAMM Terrace

And after all this we couldn't miss to be inspired by the Wynwood Walls, another recommended stop if you like! And what do you know I think, I found my perfect backdrop!!! 

Let's Wander Together
Be inspired to explore with this free hand lettered printable! This monochrome delight prints best in A5 or smaller!
JPG Image 408.5 KB

Please for personal use only, thank you!

Let's Wander Together free hand lettered printable by PASiNGA design

See soon, Antje 

who is still rather behind than in front of the camera...

Let-s Wander Together PASiNGA free printable
Wynwood Walls PASiNGA Miami travel Tip
Wynwood Walls

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Pause, time to have a creative break

PAUSE free printable by PASiNGA

Our trip this year started with New Orleans - obvious  right now, isn't it?! The Eliza Jane Hotel is just wonderful and we are having a wonderful start with their beautiful breakfast offerings. 

Hello everyone - today from the USA - yeah, hence the late post in UK time. It is Monday and I am on holiday, can you believe it?! Indeed a rare occasion. So here we go, of course I want to share that wonderful feeling of having a proper break with you! 

What can I say, I am sure everyone has it's own perfect dream of holiday sorted but to me it is food, new people, new impressions that inspire, taking photos of everything I come across for no purpose whatsoever ;) exploring and enjoying time with my other half. 

New Orleans Holiday pause printable

New Orleans record shop PASiNGA

Some highlights so far have been the jazz festival and of course we had to add a couple of LP's to my record collection. The only proper touristy thing on our list was 'cafe du monde' - people it is sugar on sugar - but hey we have done it as a one in a lifetime thing, haha. 

New Orleans Cafe Du Monde Sweets

Free motivational printable 'PAUSE' by PASiNGA art

What could be left to say, the food is good, the city is slow and the music is delightful. I wish you all a wonderful week and hope to share that wonderful happy feeling with my free download below or maybe inspire you to take one soon! 

Big hugs, waves and greetings to all of you, will be back soon, Antje

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Do It, For Yourself! Free Monday Motivational Printable

Do It For Yourself PASiNGA free motivational printable

It is the first Monday of the new year but it is still a Monday and I am in need of some motivation to get going while trying to set out my goals and priorities for this week. It's proper hard this week for me as I am all excited for my upcoming big holiday break. We planned it for so long and I can't wait for Friday! 



Anyhow, this break is surely for us, myself, to explore and adventure but I want to keep this statement in mind for all my goals to come whatever they might be. It is hard sometimes when crafting and designing to stay clear of just designing sellable goods - one has to eat, I am sure you can relate. 

Do It For Yourself free motivational printable by PASiNGA blog
Free Print Do It For Yourself By PASiNGA blog

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2019 Here We Come

Free motivational printable 'Here We Come' by PASiNGA design
Free motivational printable 'Here We Come'



Happy 2019 and I look forward to welcome you back soon for more freebies, diy and decoration projects and so much more!


Marvellous - it is fantastic to welcome you to 2019 and all its adventures!

I for one can't wait to get started, loads of creative projects I want to get started on but all are with one goal in mind - sharing creativity and hopefully good vibes only. I think we need it and it is joy to me. Anyway, no proper life lesson to share from my side just the wish to all of you to have a joyful, happy, lively, crafty and loving new year!

Let's get right to it!! Yes, indeed first newbie for 2019 will be the free printable addition to my freebie blog section. It is more or less inspirational words, quotes and wisdom I'll stumble upon during this year [just like every year but I will try to use it differently in 2019] and I have set myself the challenge and goal to publish one every other Monday this year. It will be the ones which I feel fairly strongly about and I wish to keep, it will be more or less in my handwriting scanned off from my notebook page and all will be free for personal use - so feel invited to share and print away. 

From the left you could do drag and drop or simply download below and enjoy!



Here We Come
Typography Print, 2019 Inspirational Words
here we go pasinga free personal print.j
JPG Image 443.0 KB

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Collection Of Textures

Free Concrete Texture by PASiNGA
Smooth Concrete Texture
Concrete Texture
JPG Image 870.2 KB
Free Concrete Texture by PASiNGA
Aged Concrete Texture
Aged Concrete
JPG Image 1.4 MB
PASiNGA texture broken one, facade, putz, stone, free for personal use
Broken One
PASiNGA texture broken one [stone facade putz]
JPG Image 2.0 MB
Free Crack and Sparkle Concrete Texture by PASiNGA
Crack and Sparkle Concrete Texture
Crack and Sparkle Concrete Texture
JPG Image 9.1 MB

Free White Rough Plaster Texture by PASiNGA
Rough White Plaster
Rough White Plaster
JPG Image 590.8 KB
Free Rough Plaster Texture by PASiNGA
Rough Plaster
Rough Plaster
pasinga com texture putz one.jpg
JPG Image 2.7 MB
Free Stone Floor Texture by PASiNGA
Stone Flore Texture
TEXTURE 'stone floor'
pasinga com texture floor.jpg
JPG Image 2.6 MB

free rustic metal texture by PASiNGA
Rustic Metal
Rustic Metal Three Texture
JPG Image 361.6 KB
free rustic iron metal texture by PASiNGA
Rustic Iron
Free Rustic Iron Metal Texture
JPG Image 1.4 MB
PASiNGA free texture 'corner facade'
Texture 'Corner Facade'
PASiNGA texture 'corner facade'
JPG Image 2.1 MB

Fish Line Silver Metal Texture By PASiNGA
Fish Line Metal Texture
PASiNGA fish line metal texture
JPG Image 2.8 MB
Free large brown brushed metal texture by PASiNGA
Brushed Brown Metal Texture
Brown Brushed Metal
JPG Image 4.1 MB
Free Silver Grey Pattern Metal Texture by PASiNGA
Free Silver Grey Pattern Metal Texture
Free Silver Grey Pattern Metal Texture
JPG Image 2.5 MB
PASiNGA free for personal use texture metal
Silver Metal Texture
pasinga com texture metal.jpg
JPG Image 4.3 MB
PASiNGA Free 'metal gloss' Texture
Metal Gloss, Wallpaper or Texture
PASiNGA texture 'metal gloss'
JPG Image 1.4 MB
'Gold Drop' free metal texture by PASiNGA
'Gold Drop' Metal Texture
Golden Drop Metal Texture
JPG Image 3.2 MB
Free yellow painted aluminium texture by PASiNGA
Free Yellow Painted Aluminium Texture
Yellow painted aluminium texture
JPG Image 1.2 MB
'Yellow Silver' free metal texture by PASiNGA
'Yellow Silver' Metal Texture
Yellow Silver - metal texture
JPG Image 1.3 MB

'Grey Tiger' Free Metal Texture by PASiNGA
'Grey Tiger' Metal texture
Grey Tiger
JPG Image 3.1 MB
Free silver aluminium diamond texture by PASiNGA
Silver Aluminium Diamond
Free silver aluminium diamond texture
JPG Image 2.7 MB
Tiny Grey Stones, Free Texture by PASiNGA
Tiny Grey Stones
Grey Stone Crush
JPG Image 2.1 MB
PASiNGA beach stone texture one - free for personal use - enjoy
Dark Beach Stone Texture
PASiNGA beach stones texture one
PASiNGA beach stones texture one.jpg
JPG Image 2.2 MB

Blue White Granite Texture by PASiNGA
Blue White Granite Texture
Blue White Granite Texture
JPG Image 3.9 MB
free Grey Brick Wall Texture by PASiNGA
free Grey Brick Wall Texture
Free Gray Brick Wall Texture
JPG Image 1.0 MB
PASiNGA free texture 'beach stones and shells', digital art textures free for personal use
Beach Stones and Shells
PASiNGA texture 'beach stones and shells'
PASiNGA texture.jpg
JPG Image 2.0 MB

PASiNGA texture 'brick wall', free for personal use
Brick Wall, red brown Texture
PASiNGA texture 'brick wall'
pasinga com texture stone two.jpg
JPG Image 3.7 MB
Brick Stone Texture by PASiNGA
Brick Stone Texture
Free Grey Stone Floor Texture
JPG Image 934.6 KB
PASiNGA free for personal use texture wood
Wood Two
PASiNGA wood texture two
pasinga com texture wood two.jpg
JPG Image 2.1 MB
PASiNGA texture 'wood one', free for personal use
Wood One
PASiNGA texture wallpaper 'wood one'
pasinga com texture wood one.jpg
JPG Image 1.8 MB

'The Eye' free wood texture  texture by PASiNGA
'The Eye' wood texture
The Eye - wood texture
JPG Image 1.2 MB
PASiNGA free for personal use textures, this one I call 'woody wood'
Woody Wood Texture
PASiNGA texture woody wood
JPG Image 1.5 MB
Tree Bark Texture by PASiNGA
Tree Bark
Tree Bark
JPG Image 1.2 MB
Free Bark and Moss Texture by PASiNGA
Bark and Moss Texture
Bark and Moss Texture
JPG Image 9.1 MB

Grey Wood Bark Texture, free by PASINGA
Grey Wood Bark Texture
PASiNGA texture wood grey six
pasinga com texture wood six.jpg
JPG Image 2.2 MB
Free Fir Needle Forest Floor Texture by PASiNGA
Fir Needle Forest Floor Texture
Fir Needle Texture
JPG Image 2.0 MB
Free Blue Plywood Texture by PASiNGA
Blue Plywood Texture
Blue Plywood
Blue Wood.jpg
JPG Image 4.4 MB
Free Black Fake Paint Texture by PASiNGA
Black Fake Paint
Flaky Black Paint
JPG Image 4.3 MB