Easy to care for greenery dreams come true with floating, soil free Air Plants, Reindeer Moss and Pine Cones

Tillandsia Bulbosa by PASiNGA
Tillandsia Bulbos, £ 3.90
Blooming B. Multiflora by PASiNGA
Blooming B. Multiflora, being sold green, £ 3.90

Caput Medusae Air Plant by PASiNGA
Caput Medusae Air Plant, £ 4.00
Juncea, Grass like Tillandsia by PASiNGA
Juncea, Grass like Tillandsia, £ 3.90
Oaxacana, soft green white Air Plant by PASiNGA
Oaxacana, soft green white Air Plant, from £ 3.50

Reindeer Moss Tree by PASiNGA
Reindeer Moss Tree, £ 2.50
Capitata Peach Tillandsia by PASINGA
Capitata Peach, a strong Air Plant, £ 5.00
Tillandsia Baileyi by PASiNGA
Baileyi, a very architectural Air Plant, £ 4.00

Mix Of 8 Small Pine Cones by PASiNGA
Mix Of 8 Small Pine Cones, £ 2.20
Ionantha Rubra Air Plant by PASiNGA
Ionantha Rubra, delicate and blooms pink, £ 3.50
Tillandisa I. Rubra Pups by PASiNGA
Tillandisa Pups - available at the moment are C. Medusae and I. Rubra Pups, £ 2.50 each

Brachycaulos Multiflora Tillandsia by PASiNGA
Brachycaulos Multiflora Tillandsia, £ 3.90
Reindeer Moss Flakes, mix of 3 colours. by PASiNGA
Reindeer Moss Flakes, mix of 3 colours, £ 1.90
Abdita Air Plant by PASiNGA
Abdita Air Plant; a delicate soft plant, shipped green but blooms red to purple, £ 5.00

Air Plant Collection Saver Set of Three by PASiNGA
Air Plant Collection Saver Set of 3, £ 10.00


 I apologize but due to shipping regulations Air Plants can only be dispatched to customers in the UK and Europe.

 Thanks for understanding!

Getting started!

It's easy as pie

        - water and love - 

care tips are not only provided with the care card included with every delivery but also via the Blog section 'HOW TOs'  ... enjoy!