Easy to care for greenery dreams come true with floating, soil free Air Plants, Reindeer Moss and Pine Cones

Caput Medusae Air Plant by PASiNGA
Caput Medusae Air Plant, £ 4.00
Blooming B. Multiflora by PASiNGA
Blooming B. Multiflora, being sold green, £ 3.90

Reindeer Moss Tree by PASiNGA
Reindeer Moss Tree, £ 2.50
Capitata Peach Tillandsia by PASINGA
Capitata Peach, a strong Air Plant, £ 5.00
Tillandsia Baileyi by PASiNGA
Baileyi, a very architectural Air Plant, £ 4.00

Juncea, Grass like Tillandsia by PASiNGA
Juncea, Grass like Tillandsia, £ 3.90
Oaxacana, soft green white Air Plant by PASiNGA
Oaxacana, soft green white Air Plant, from £ 3.50

Ionantha Rubra Air Plant by PASiNGA
Ionantha Rubra, delicate and blooms pink, £ 3.50
Tillandisa I. Rubra Pups by PASiNGA
Tillandisa Pups - available at the moment are C. Medusae and I. Rubra Pups, £ 2.50 each
Brachycaulos Multiflora Tillandsia by PASiNGA
Brachycaulos Multiflora Tillandsia, £ 3.90

Air Plant Collection Saver Set of Three by PASiNGA
Air Plant Collection Saver Set of 3, £ 10.00
Abdita Air Plant by PASiNGA
Abdita Air Plant; a delicate soft plant, shipped green but blooms red to purple, £ 5.00

Autumn / Winter Special - Reindeer Moos mix and Pine Cones

Reindeer Moss Flakes, mix of 3 colours. by PASiNGA
Reindeer Moss Flakes, mix of 3 colours, £ 1.90
Large Pine Cones
Large Pine Cones to decorate this season, Set of 3, £ 2.80
Mix Of 8 Small Pine Cones by PASiNGA
Mix Of 8 Small Pine Cones, £ 2.20


 I apologise but due to shipping regulations Air Plants, Moss and Pine Cones can only be dispatched to customers in the UK and Europe. Thanks for understanding!

Getting started!

It's easy as pie

 - water and love - 

care tips are not only provided with the care card included with every delivery but also via my Air Plant Blog section  ... enjoy!

How to revive your Air Plant after the summer holidays, step by step tips and tricks by PASiNGA blog