The Artful Concrete Object

- A Gift Of Simplicity -

Art Print 'Electrical Tower Inside' by PASiNGA
Art Print 'Electrical Tower Inside', framed 30x40cm, £ 55
Icosahedron Sculpture Solid By PASiNGA
Icosahedron Sculpture Solid, from £ 9.50

Trigonal Dodecahedron Diamond, Concrete Sculptures by PASiNGA
Concrete Trigonal Dodecahedron Diamond, £ 15.99 each

Gifting Objects With Dual Purpose

Sculpture, bookend, paper weight or tactile object - always a unique gift!

Concrete House Sculpture Set of 2 by PASiNGA
Concrete House Sculpture Set of 2, £ 45.00

Concrete 'Chimney' Air Plant Holder by PASiNGA
Concrete 'Chimney' Air Plant Holder, from £ 9.90
Concrete House No3, Sculpture by PASiNGA
Concrete House No3, from £ 15.99
Concrete Dodecahedron Air Plant Holder by PASiNGA
Concrete Dodecahedron Air Plant Holder, from £15.99

'Whatever' Recycled Paper Journals by PASiNGA
Concrete Dust 'Whatever' Pocket Notebook, from £3.50

Monochrome, laid-back, slim, light weight and made from recycled paper with eco-friendly ink in the UK. All covers are based on original works by PASiNGA and are just about right to make a statement when taking notes of the next projects, drafting big ideas, writing bucket lists or drawing sketches. 


Tip - Gift Sets offer a great way on combining sculptures or Air Plant holders with pocket notebooks!

Grid Monochrome Pocket Notebook By PASiNGA
Grid Monochrome Pocket Notebook, from £3.50

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