Gorgeous Monochrome Luxurious Gift Ideas Under £ 60

Framed 30x40cm Monochrome Art Prints  by PASiNGA
'Golden Gate Nightfall' | Framed 30x40cm Monochrome Art Prints, £ 55
Concrete House Air Plant Holder Set of 4 by PASiNGA
Concrete House Air Plant Holder Set of 4; from £ 49.99 - more set options are available with or without copper

For when it needs to be the impressive luxurious special something. Treat them to pure indulgence with a ready to hang framed art print or a trendy indoor garden with floating Air Plants in customisable concrete vessels!

Concrete Dodecahedron Air Plant holder by PASiNGA
Create your own set of 3 dodecahedron Air Plant holders, from £ 47.97

You have got an idea but want me to create the set, sort plants and wrapping - I am here to help get in touch with your idea, price range as well as shipping destination and I will sort the rest for you!


psst ... I wont tell and it's complimentary!

Minimal Geometric Sculpture Stills by PASiNGA
Minimal Geometric Sculpture Stills - a unique set can be created form combination to finishes, with or without silver or copper coloured attachments

Complimentary Gift Wrap

If you let me know that your purchase is a gift, I will of course lovingly gift wrap any item of your choosing!

Complimentary Gift Wrapping by PASiNGA
Complimentary Gift Wrapping Example
Complimentary Gift Wrapping by PASiNGA

Make it extra special - add a card or concrete gift tag!

Concrete Diamond Gift Tag, Set of 6 by PASiNGA

Set of 6, £ 12.70

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Tip - If you wish for me to ship directly to the recipient your note can be handwritten in one of these cards and cutely wrapped with all the accessories chosen by you! Please use the 'Note to PASiNGA' box during checkout to specify, thank you!

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