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Diamonds are always a good idea and these are not just sculptural, unique and tactile but can hold a living Air Plant, display your words or being used as a paper-weight or jewellery holder. And if nothing else they will convey your love and appreciation in a known yet trendy 'concrete' way. 


Concrete Diamond Air Plant Vase by PASiNGA
Concrete Dimond Air Plant Vase, £15.99

Tall Concrete Diamond Sculpture By PASiNGA
Tall Concrete Diamond Sculpture, from £ 12.99
Concrete Diamond Sculptures by PASiNGA
Personalised Concrete Diamond, from £ 8.90
Mini Concrete Diamond Set of 6 by PASiNGA
Mini Concrete Diamond Set of 6, £ 11.50

Concrete Silver Dodecahedron Air Plant Holder By PASiNGA
Dodecahedron Air Plant Holder, different finishes from £15.99
Shape Collection, Concrete Copper Air Plant Holder Set by PASiNGA
Shape Collection, Concrete Copper Air Plant Holder Set, from £ 24.00
Chimney Air Plant Holder by PASiNGA
Chimney Air Plant Holder, £ 9.90 - set offers are available!

Marble Textured Recycled Paper Journals by PASiNGA
Modern Marble Textured Recycled Paper Notebooks, from £3.50


These fashionable pocket notebooks are a statement accessory in itself. They are made from recycled paper and are light weight and can help to keep dates and ideas organised with style.


Splatter A5 Pocket Notebook Set of 2 by PASiNGA
Splatter A5 Pocket Notebook Set of 2, £ 9.50

Abstract Photographic Art Print 'White' by PASiNGA
Abstract Print 'White', taken in New York, from £12.50
Photographic Art Print  'Couple on Stairs' Paris, France by PASiNGA
'Couple on Stairs' Paris, France, from £ 12.50

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