Print Ideas, All About The Matter Of Paper Quality & Size

Photographic Art Prints are being in house printed on Epson premium photo papers of  200/ 255 gsm as well as high quality cotton canvas in combination with the EPSON  ink technology.

Prints are supplied as standard in sizes to easily gallery frame or poster frame them.

NEW: Gallery framed - ready to hang is now being offered!

'White' by PASiNGA

All photographic art prints are available to customize in size and format as well as in regard to surface.
Inspiration in regards to size can be found below but please feel invited to get in touch.

Some examples of 'large' enlargements ...
Battersea Power Station 72x42''  or a set of four industrial prints 16x20''



100% recycled paper for Cards and Calendars up to a size 7x5'' flat and folded

200gsm and 230gsm matte soft touch photo paper; easy to write on and printed with eco friendly ink

Card 'Architecture in Clouds' by PASiNGA
Card 'Architecture in Clouds'

Bespoke Art Print - Size Inspiration

The A range is the most commonly used size range of papers in the printing environment.

Paper Size Chart
'Battersea Power Station' by PASiNGA
'Battersea Power Station'
'Golden Gate Nightfall' by PASiNGA
'Golden Gate Nightfall'

Gallery Framed Art Prints by PASiNGA
Gallery Framed 30x40cm Art Print 'Busy' and 40x50cm Art Print 'Adore'