Concrete Hexagon Ornament Set of 6 or 12

A modern hexagon set of 6 or 12 hexagon prism ornaments. The pendants are fantastic accessories for gift wrapping with an unique minimal look, a tactile feel and just the right amount of silver or gold coloured bling - no-one will through them away! They are easily wire hung or string them up on your favourite ribbon or twine. Add them to your Easter branch, style your wreath or Christmas tree. They are wonderful minimal touches in terrariums or flower bouquets.  ... Psst ... You could also browse my blog for even more ideas and DiY's!

Concrete Hexagon Pendant / Ornament Set of 6 or 12 
Approx. size: max depth 2.5cm diameter, 2cm high; loop: 9mm diameter
Colour: natural concrete; silver or gold coloured loop [Please choose your preferred option below, thank you!]

Design: geometric minimal; hand cast in individually envisioned and crafted moulds
Features: unique textures [voids + cracks, imperfections] and color character
Finish: concrete not painted or waxed

>> Every concrete sculpture is unique and created by me with care and love and your custom request is more than welcome. <<

Concrete Hexagon Ornament Set


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