Concrete Diamond Faceted Ornament

Diamonds – simple yet intriguing faceted concrete diamond ornaments. They are wonderfully tactile and finish with unique imperfections due to the nature of the material in shades of natural pale grey concrete. Customise your set in quantity as well as by choosing your preferred silver or gold wire loop colour. Give your table setting or floral arrangement a modern minimalist spin or simply use them to spice up your gift wrapping, wreaths, Easter branch or Christmas decor. 

Concrete  Diamond Faceted Ornament Set of 3, 6 or 9
Approx. size: large diamond max width 4cm height 3.5cm; loop: 9mm diameter
Color: pale grey concrete; silver or gold coloured loop

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Design: geometric minimal; hand cast in individually envisioned and crafted moulds
Features: unique textures [voids + cracks, imperfections] and color character
Finish: concrete not painted or waxed

Concrete Diamond Faceted Ornament


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