Concrete Cube Ornament Set of 3, 6 or 9

The simple cube as intriguing as always and an effortless modern ornament. Each cube finishes with unique imperfections and in its own pale to mid grey colour due to the nature of the material. It creates a stunning contrast to full colours and blends in with pastels. The inspiring images are just the beginning as these cubes are easily incorporated into table settings, gift wraps and wreaths, Easter branches, flower bouquets or your Christmas designs. To make things even more interesting they have shiny silver or gold coloured wire loops. In a set of 3 cubes, two cubes have a centred loop which will, when for example wire hung, display like a flat based dice and one cube will have the loop to one corner which will display the cube similar to an octahedron [picture 3]. 

Concrete Cube Pendant / Ornament Set of 3, 6 or 9 
Approx. size: cube 3.4cm; loop: 9mm diameter
Colour: pale grey concrete
The Loop:  each set of 3 has two cubes with a centred loop and one cube with a loop to one corner; 

silver or gold coloured loop [Please choose your preferred option below, thank you!]

Design: geometric minimal; hand cast in individually envisioned and crafted moulds
Features: unique textures [voids + cracks, imperfections] and color character
Finish: concrete not painted or waxed


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>> Every concrete sculpture is unique and created by me with care and love and your custom request is more than welcome. <<

Concrete Cube Ornament Set


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