Last chance to buy, the following concrete designs wont be available for much longer!

Making space and allowing creative energies to flow for new designs and sculptures, these works wont be available anymore as standard design. Exciting newness can you find over here!

Concrete Diamond 'Blingin' by PASiNGA
Concrete Diamond, Ribbon 'Blingin', £ 15.99
Concrete Cross 'X', black pigmented by PASiNGA
Concrete Cross 'X', black pigmented, £ 11.99
Geometric Concrete Air Plant Vase by PASiNGA
Twisted Cube Air Plant Holder, from £ 15.99

Geometric Concrete Air Plant Vase, Twisted Cube by PASiNGA
Geometric Concrete Air Plant Vase , Twisted Cube, £ 15.99
Pale and dark grey concrete diamond and crystal pendant set of 3 by PASiNGA
Mixed Concrete Crystal Pendant Set of 3, £12.70
Concrete Diamond Pendant Set of 9, mixed colors by PASiNGA
Concrete Diamond Pendant Set of 9, mix of black pigmented and natural concrete £34.40
Concrete Diamond Ornaments Set of 9 by PASiNGA
Concrete Crystal Ornaments, Set of 9, £34.40