Geometric Concrete Bowl Planter

A playfully facetted geometric concrete bowl planter or candle holder. In itself it is very intriguing piece but the dark grey enforces the lines even more. A bit more laid back is the mid to pale grey but both are finished overall fairly smooth even though each bowl will have its own imperfections. The bowl rim is hand carved and will therefore show an 'edgier' finish. Please have a look at the 2nd image for an impression. It is a bowl planter to underline industrial or modern decor and will display well with glass, other concrete or metal pots. It is a lovely bowl for potpourris or to keep your bits and pieces. A cute gift for him or her but no one is saying you can’t keep it for yourself.

Thank you for your wonderful feedback - last decorated images are by  fellow customer!


One Geometric Concrete Bowl Planter
Approx. size:  Base Ø 9cm, Outside Top Ø 13cm, Height 5.5cm; Recess Top Ø 10cm, recess base Ø 7cm and about 4cm deep.

Made from: Concrete.

Colour: pale grey or charcoal to dark grey concrete - please choose below, thank you!


Design: industrial geometric minimal; hand cast in individually and hand finished.

Features: unique textures (voids and cracks) and colour character due to the material.

Finish: concrete not painted or waxed, not food safe, individually stamped with my name (PASiNGA).


Plant and decorations are not included but if you are living in the UK you can add your favourite  Air Plant / Tillandsia!


Geo Bowl


  • 0.75 kg
  • Available
  • Ships in 4 to 7 business days1

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