Details of crafting and wrapping materials matter

The Materials

Wrapping + Shipping

| The materials used to craft are durable, long lasting, contain recycled elements or are entirely made of recycled and eco-friendly products.


| Wherever possible materials are sourced from local traders and manufacturer.

| Without compromising quality less wasteful ways are found to craft and re-use, durable long lasting tools are being utilized wherever possible during the in-house crafting process.

| Wrapping and cushion materials are made of recycled and recyclable boxes and white/yellow 'eco flo'.

| Since gifting is part of the online shopping experience recycled tissue paper, cotton string and bows in different colors are added at leisure.


| The printing of the boxes and gift tags is done in-house by hand with eco-friendly, often vegetable or water based, ink.

| Where possible we use shipping companies like the Royal Mail, DPD and UPS as they are already conscious about CO2 emissions.