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30 Plus Self Care Activities To Live More

These are challenging times and I feel we all need a bit of self care to survive and maybe even live more.

Sounds very dramatic I know but in so many ways [coronavirus, self-isolation, pregnancy and my beloved micro business ...] I feel more and more stressed out. It's time to put the breaks on before it's too late. Self care is about maintaining and promoting wellbeing and overall health, but within that self care is restorative. It is deliberate. It is time for yourself to breathe. 

Of course it is about eating well, being kind to yourself, exercising and staying hydrated and other health promoting activities but it is also about those activities which are important to you as an individual. This could be sports, craft projects, a spa day or simply finally reading that book.

In many ways you will need to reflect what's important to you and to find out how important self care is to you?

Whatever the answer maybe always take into account that we can only give to others if we take care of ourselves and even though some people might try to tell us this is selfish - it is not.

5 Tips On Spring Cleaning With Minimalism In Mind , Concrete Palo Wood Burner by PASiNGA
Palo Santo Incense Wood Burner

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4 Ways to Create a Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalism has become one of the most popular home design trends in recent years. And it is not hard to see why. In a life that is increasingly cluttered, creating a living space that is clean and relaxing is becoming more appealing to more and more people. Being a minimalist doesn’t have to cost much, it is simply a mindset as we showed in my post on ‘5 Tips on Spring Cleaning With Minimalism in Mind’. That being said there are changes that you can make to a room from simple adjustments to more expensive renovations that will create the perfect minimalist space. In this post we will focus on revamping the room that is used the most and also gets cluttered the easiest. The bathroom. 

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New Design Alert: Concrete Trinket Cloud Dish And Two Business Card Holders

Concrete Trinket Dish The Cloud Tray By PASiNGA

Happy news for a Monday, I have finished three new designs just in time for Christmas in July, back to school or just the mid year change things up moment. The first one is the one to the left, which I lovingly call 'cloud tray'. I worked on the design for quite some time as I wanted it to have a softly textured surface and a minimal dip as well as the cloud uniqueness while staying cohesive within the design. They feel very hygge, minimal, artsy while being trinket or ring dishes you could also easily hang them as modern wall art


The other two designs are more down to business. I just felt, between concrete paperweight and push pins as well as pocket notebooks made from recycled paper, the business card holder is simply missing. Well, I could not have that, so here we go!

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Top Ten Tallest Buildings in London

The skyline of London is ever-changing and new buildings will be constructed in the years ahead. Heidi was so kind to prepare some updates to the original post back from 2015. Back then it was just lovely to have the background to the first round of London images I took. Now I feel it is just good to update this post as it is a balance of ancient and modern architecture as well as the creation of new areas, often better suitable and sustainable uses of the land. Of course even more details are over on Heidi's new blog but for a quick overview have a look at the comparison with images and graphics below ...


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5 Tips On Spring Cleaning With Minimalism In Mind

Based on the meteorological calendar Spring is here and I feel a bit of Spring cleaning with minimalism in mind could just be the thing. I personally can't decide between Spring and Autumn, I love them both, the life in the changes, the colours and light at those times. Anyway, I think it is the change which is giving me energy and inspiration to move and change as well. It is not that I think I own clutter or would ever have a problem with throwing stuff out, nope not me, I always feel refreshed after a good old clean and clear. Maybe, I am still too German, haha. 

Recently however, I feel the urge to slow down and to be a bit more consequent, by which I mean, not just have a bit of a clear out of unused things two times a year but change things so that this would not be needed anymore. So how to start this, how to change things. 

I found loads of guides some 30 or 50 steps long, even a minimalism challenge was among them. Has anyone done one of those? Well, it is all too much for me, one could say not very minimal, pun intended. So I decided, I will choose 5 things I find useful and easy to incorporate into my routines. 

5 Tips On Spring Cleaning With Minimalism In Mind , Concrete Palo Wood Burner by PASiNGA
Palo Santo Incense Wood Burner

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Happy Holidays With Stunning Table Settings To Entertain This Season

Happy Holidays With Stunning Table Settings By PASiNGA To Entertain This Season
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A Simple Concrete Cube To Style A Cosmetic & Candle Photoshoot

Styled product photography by PASiNGA with concrete cube prop for MBotanicals scented candles
Just in time for candle season - [M]BOTANICALS Soy Wax Candles
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A Grownup Halloween Centrepiece Idea With Concrete, Moss And Air Plants

Autumn centrepiece celebrate Halloween with Air Plants, fresh produce, moss and geometric concrete candle holders
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Happiness - Gifting Independent Artisan Works This Christmas

Happiness is to be shared, artisan blog series by PASiNGA full of Christmas stories and gift ideas!
Happiness is to be shared! - personalised wooden sign by - not to worry I will introduce this lovely maker soon!

Yep, it is September. Can you believe it? And yes, it is almost time to prep for the big gifting season. I know early right?!, but I want us to start a new tradition this year or maybe you are a superstar and you continue a long lasting tradition of shopping and gifting designer-maker / artisan / indie made works. I would like to introduce some fellow designer-makers of mine, who are not just amazing in their own right but all of us a based in Europe, many in the UK, and even in London, like myself. However, quality handmade works which you can  often personalise take time to make and that's why we aspire to inspire early this year!

I know what you are waiting for, the freebie or voucher code. Don't be disappointed, I don't have a collection of those for you. It simply does not feel right and here is why. We designer-makers and artist love and live our work, everything each one of us creates is heartfelt, envisioned, crafted with care and each piece is unique in one way or another. Every time we ship something to you we ship a piece of our soul and hope that you will cherish it the same way we cherished every second making it. So all I am having is stories and the hope you will enjoy them, maybe even get inspired by them, feel the urge to shop happiness!

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Concrete Copper Wire Air Plant Holder Diy With Recycled, Plastic & Cling Film Moulds

Concrete copper wire Air Plant holder diy by concrete artist PASiNGA featuring 3 different moulds!

It is about time, I know time goes by way too fast but at long last I put together my first proper concrete diy instructions for you guys! 

Since you love Air Plants as much as I do, I thought it would be good to start with a concrete diy which combines the love for concrete, copper and Air Plants which can be decorated all year around. Not to worry I got more diy's coming up for the holiday season, yeah, already excited to share those with you soon too!

As the picture suggests, I have prepared instructions for you to not just create one style but three. So you will be able to create totally different styles for your table scape or indoor-garden, keeping individuality at its best!

We will use recycled moulds, my new geometric plastic reusable mould and something from the kitchen, cling film to create a unique 'tree bark' texture in any mould you fancy!

To start things, check the material list below. Once you have gathered all your materials you will need to calculate about 1 to 2 hours for the wire bending, mixing and pouring. After about 3 hours spare time it will be about half an hour for unwrapping and sanding. 

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Exciting News, I Completed My August Still-life Challenge Today

One month has gone by like no other. While working on all sorts of projects I mostly forgot to post and share and set out to challenge myself to do exactly that, but feel invited to read all about it here. 

I don't know why but sharing everything online is still hard for me, while talking comes easy to me I am always a bit taken back by the thought of shouting my humble life and work into the world.

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'Building Tall - Home and Abroad' by Heidi Mergl

CIBC Square in Toronto, image via Wilkinson Eyre
CIBC Square in Toronto, image via Wilkinson Eyre

BUILDING TALL HOME AND ABROAD  Portsmouth  Architecture  School  Society

Heidi Mergl

Senior Architect/Associate

at Wilkinson Eyre

At WilkinsonEyre, Heidi has developed and coordinated the tower and envelope detailing of the first phase of CIBC Square in Toronto. And also led the design team  on 18 Blackfriars, London, which was granted planning permission in July this year. During this lecture Heidi will explore both projects in more detail. 

Thursday - 19th October 2017 - 5.00pm

1.10 Lecture Theatre Eldon Building


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Frank Lloyd Wright - Part 3

The Guggenheim, New York, photography by PASiNGA
The Guggenheim, New York, photography by PASiNGA

Let's dive right in but if you have missed part 1 or 2 click on the numbers to catch up. 


These first two parts showed that the  connectivity of spaces and their arrangement in plan is key to the user experience. When Wright got the opportunity to work on a museum for Guggenheim he proposed a fluid flow of exhibition spaces. These were arranged along one ascending spiral ramp around a central atrium. Visitors would take a lift to the top floor and experience the exhibits along a continuous journey without the need to retrace their steps to find the exit.

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Frank Lloyd Wright - Part 2

The son of a minister and teacher Wright was brought up with literature by Emerson and Goethe and music by Bach and Beethoven. As a result he placed man in the centre of his buildings with human values always being the first consideration in his design process and the industrial revolution gave him the tools to realize his imaginations. Besides his well-known domestic architecture Wright had a great impact on building typologies for other uses including offices, factories, worship and exhibitions.


The Larkin Building was one of the first open plan office buildings where the employee was no longer separated from the employer creating a unique sense of family within a cooperation. This was partly achieved by the simple architecture without the need for any decoration and the arrangement in plan. All back of house areas including stairs were allocated in the corners of the building and structural supports were associated with internal or external screens. Therefore the internal space was free for use.


One more part to follow, join me for the grand finale!



Illustration by Heidi Mergl, Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Blog

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Frank Lloyd Wright - one of the greatest architects of all times

Since I visited some of his buildings in and around Chicago a couple of years ago I am especially touched by the Robie House in Chicagos Oak Park. Its horizontal emphasis, use of materials and custom design from tip to toe make it something very special. The main space is one open plan living area which was revolutionary at the time and Wright applied his previously established principle of using screens. Rather than creating a space as a box with walls all partitions are architectural features like the large fire place in the centre of the space. This way Wright achieved the "destruction of the box" and noted "now architecture could be free".

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The Warm 'Wintery' Feeling

'Warm Wintery Feeling' Visual Board with images via Pinterest and PASiNGA
'Warm Wintery Feeling' Visual Board
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Time To dream

'Time To Dream' Visual Board with images via Pinterest and PASiNGA
'Time To Dream' Visual Board
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Venice Biennale 2016 | Giardini | The Pavilions

It was an exciting 2nd day at the biennale. As you may know the main topic is how to cope with refugees as well as to make cities more flexible and therefore architecture and design. In my humble opinion there are only few really good starting points like giving people first of all a roof (Finland). It is basically the idea to provide a proper pitched roof structure for people rather than a tent and the other floors of the house are being built once the refugee feels to be at home. Others create opportunities by building a 'basic house structure' and the new owners fill it up, design and build the rest to their liking, .... One last interesting idea which stuck with me, maybe because I am an artist, is from Japan.  Imagine a cube like house, each corner has private rooms for at least a student but can be for a whole family. In the centre of the building at ground floor level is a common ground, community area if you like, to meet, explore and adventure together. 


Well, from regeneration of the traditional to new ideas only time will tell if any of these, or maybe all of them together, can make the difference. 


Enjoy the snappies and have a great Sunday.


See you back from London, Tuesday will be all back to normal!




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The 'Making Of' | Venice Biennale | Arsenale

Arsenale - the making of
Arsenale - the making of

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Welcome to Venice, An Inspirational Break

Welcome to Venice in Italy where every other year architects from all over the world gather to exhibit theme specific works. This year's exhibition is curated by Alejandro Aravena under the title reporting from the front looking at some of the key challenges our society is faced today and how these can, at least partially, be addressed by architecture - housing, migration, recycling ... but that's it for now. More to follow in the coming days. 


Fly with me ....
Amazing atmosphere in Venice


After a wonderful long breakfast and writing this post we are on our way to the one and only train station in Venice. If wifi is a available I will be sharing live from Villa Capra "La Rotonda" in Vicenza. In any case have an amazing day and I will see you tomorrow, breakfast time, for my next post! 



Loving the hidden gems of Venice
Loving the hidden gems of Venice
Loving the hidden gems

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Venice, Venezia 2016

Our long bank holiday weekend is coming up and I will use the time not only to finish open orders and answer request but also to prepare my short trip to Venice, Italy.

The Biennale of Art and Architecture is taking place and I hope to visit Villa La Rotonda as well.


I can't wait to take it all in, feel the creativity, the energy and breath in the salty air while enjoying wonderful Italian ice cream.


I will be sharing some of the things I see and feel inspired by here and on Instagram!



Meanwhile in the Studio

The studio will be answered for mail and similar by my dear friend Andrea.
However emails and requests will be forwarded to me. Therefore please allow 48 hours for me to respond.

Thank you!


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New York Fashion | Blue

'New York Style' Visual Board with images via Pinterest and PASiNGA
'New York Style' Visual Board
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February , Head in clouds, looking for spring

February, looking for spring, PASiNGA Stationery and images via Pinterest
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Wings of Inspiration

 'Wings of Inspiration' | images via PASiNGA and Pinterest
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Architecture | Skyscrapers, Part 2

Movements within the 70ies took the above one step further and concentrated on eye catching building forms and façades to create an individual appearance to maximise the rate of return for the owner. One typical skyscraper of this era is the 197 meter high American Telephone and Telegraph Building by Philip Johnson and John Burgee in New York.

Although skyscrapers have been discussed theoretically for quite some time within Europe they have only been realized relatively rarely. Furthermore high rise buildings existed in a completely different format on this side of the Atlantic. The preservation of the historic town scape had been the key criteria ever since and therefore moderate high buildings had been built only on a singular basis to create reference points in the growing city. But new opportunities arose after the destructive Second World War and high rise had been considered to alleviate the deficit of residential and office spaces.

please find PART 1 is available here 

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Architecture | Skyscraper

A New Building Type Spreading Across The Globe  | Part 1 by Heidi

The skyscraper is one of the icons to be found in each American city, they symbolise power and wealth and rule the skyline of the most famous cities in the USA. They have never lost their uniqueness and started to fascinate the whole world so that even historical cities like London could not escape their congeniality - but where did this building type come from and how did skyscrapers evolve. Even more importantly why are we so keen to go higher and is the skyscraper the building form of the future?

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