DIY Garden Chair Made From Reclaimed Wood

Today I am sharing a wonderful Adirondack inspired garden chair tutorial with you. Don't you just love a good summer DIY!


Well, who doesn't and it is such a good one. I love to keep our garden as natural and bee friendly as possible. After all it is only a weed if you think the plant is out of place. My most favourite outdoor plants are daisies and lavender. The scent is just so lovely. We keep some of them potted plus an eucalyptus bush and some others which just accumulated over the past 3 years.  However, point being all reclaimed or recycled things are just right here, after all an old watering can is now a planter of ours and most of my outdoor or waterproof concrete sculptures and vessels get tested out there. Besides the big rust-hole on the bottom of the can it has a new purpose like this, haha.   


Free woodworking plans for a reclaimed wood deck chair
DIY Reclaimed Wood Garden Chair Tutorial

Heidi drew this up and built this the other weekend and she recommends the use of old reclaimed scaffolding boards or pallet wood. It is a true treat, it sits nicely, and she did it in less than 3 hours. What more can you ask for, really. She made the woodworking plans available to download for free over on her blog, isn't she marvellous? Big thanks to her and we hope you will enjoy building your own! 
Antje and of course Heidi 

Free woodworking plans for a reclaimed wood deck chair by Heidi Mergl Architect

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