The Three Picture Framing & Gallery Wall Trends For 2019

By the end of 2018 one could already find new trends for how to style your art to change the feel of a room or just to mix things up. The classical black and white gallery framing is always going to be the timeless way where no-one can go wrong but I think sometimes we have the desire for maybe a lighter or more fun ways to display and enjoy art in our homes! So here we go, my collection of the top three trends I can recommend for my works, for family portraits and collected works. 

Lets start with the brightest and lightest variation - clear frames, examples are on the right and below. These will most likely be the perfect option for collected art works and prints of different sizes and styles as it allows to create harmony by simply choosing the same size of frame. Due to the fact that they are clear they will always work with your room and won't overpower. Bonus for all of us who want to add extra elegance, there are frames with brass, gold or silver fixtures to hold the glass or acrylic sheets.  

Three Picture Framing Trends For 2019 by PASiNGA, image via Pinterest
Clear Frame Display, via Pinterest
Three Picture Framing Trends For 2019 by PASiNGA, Clear Frame Art Wall Inspiration via ChrisLovesJulia
Clear Frame Art Wall, via ChrisLovesJulia
Three Picture Framing Trends 2019 by PASiNGA, floating frames image via Pinterest
Floating Wood Frames, via Pinterest


Well, this is not for everyone and it can be a quite expensive option, especially if you have larger art works. Maybe the metal look / proper metal frame would be an alternative. The metal finish in rose gold, gold or copper are variously found in frames these days. This second trend is one I find very appealing as it would allow the re-use of your matts/passe partouts. Which could be very helpful if they are custom made for example. In some cases, if you don't shy away from a bit of DIY, you could simply use paint to change the colour of your frames and have this make all the difference for your room as well as for your art display.


Three Picture Framing Trends For 2019 by PASiNGA, image of copper frames via Pinterest
Copper Coloured Frames, via Pinterest
Three Picture Framing Trends For 2019 by PASiNGA, image of golden frames via Pinterest
Mixed Gold Frame Styles, via Pinterest
Three Picture Framing Trends For 2019 by PASiNGA, image of brass frames via Pinterest
Polished Brass Frames, via Pinterest


please click the image, they are all linked to source where I found them and the images are all to be credited to the source

And the third and maybe even fourth trend would be framing with asymmetrical mounts or white spaces and poster displays. 

Poster displays often make use of white space or leave it away completely as shown on the right. The other way is with white space while the trend is going for asymmetrical displays within a frame. The white space could be simply on the sheet of the art print [picture below] or the matt could elevate the print.  

Three Picture Framing Trends For 2019 by PASiNGA, image of poster framing style via
Poster framing with asymmetrical white space, via hegeinfrance
Three Picture Framing Trends For 2019 by PASiNGA, wood poster frame via
Poster framing DIY via cityfarmhouse


That's it - the three, well maybe four, picture framing trends of 2019! I hope they inspire you to go for a fresh look of your collected works and will help you to get started on redesigning your gallery walls. 



Ideas and questions are always welcome just leave a comment below and if you are looking for a print why not start by browsing my works
Best, Antje 



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