Summer Gift Wrapping With Flowers & Geometric Concrete

Bright Gift Wrap Mix Of Concrete Ornaments & Flowers, maybe just the right way to say thanks!

Bright as summer - a gift wrapping mix of some garden flowers with a mix of different geometric concrete pendants. Maybe just the right way to say thanks!

Flower Gift Wrapping via Pinterest

I love the gift wrap above, which I found on Pinterest, it looks so delicate. While I am not sure where to get the printed Pergament paper - I am already starting to dry some flowers!

Recycled Paper & Concrete Ornament Gift Wrapping by PASiNGA

A minimal almost masculine way to wrap presents offers the combination of  recycled grey or brown paper, dark baker twine and hexagon ornaments.

Concrete Cube Ornament On Recycled Paper Stationery Gift Wrap by PASiNGA
Concrete Diamond  Gift Wrapping Idea by PASiNGA

Well, as they say, diamonds are always a good idea! Above I mixed them with some glitter ribbon and white fabric 'napkin' band and on the right, the wrapping is done with a recycled paper stationery, black twine and a small eucalyptus twig. 

Fresh Flower DIY Gift Wrapping via noordwind

The flower diy gift wrap above is just wonderfully easy, don't you think?! I love how the girls form Noordwind completed the vase with fresh flowers and a love ribbon.

Concrete Diamonds And Recycled Paper Stationery Gift Wrap by PASiNGA
Gift Wrap With Gold Painted Dried Flowers by wunderweib

Late summer nights often offer a golden light - so why not use that inspiration in our gift wrapping. Above, the option features gold painted dried flowers [by wunderweib] and the wrapping below uses copper coloured twine but you could also use wires.  

Concrete Copper Gift Wrapping By PASiNGA

Like me, I am sure, you are always looking for sustainable options as well. And as practicable and easy going grey or brown recycled paper is as my go to option, it is often hard to give it that luxurious glamour. So I set out and found the delightful alternative

Fabric Wrapping With Flowers by my paradissi
Summer Gift Wrapping DIY With Flowers & Geometric Concrete by PASiNGA blog

of  Furoshiki. Don't ask me how to pronounce it properly but it is an eco-friendly Japanese gift wrapping method. It is more or less founded in the profound need of carrying things from point A to B while wrapping the things to carry in cloths. Anyway, there is no denying it, that wrapping gifts with a fabric cloth makes for an impressive and thoughtful way to present a gift. Below are some instructions by Half Hitched Goods and on the left are some fabric wrapping ideas with the added touch of flowers [first image left by my paradissi] and below the concrete half moon ornament with a bit of lavender. 

Furoshiki Wrapping Instruction via Half Hitched Goods

Cheers to happy gifting!

Please note - not all images in this post are my own, therefore please click the image to be directed to the source. Often you will find even more inspiration. Thank you!

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