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Concrete Sculpture Still Photography 'Time' by PASiNGA
Concrete Sculpture Still Photography 'Time'

It is September and feels like autumn already. 

I am not sure how this happened so fast but I guess time flies by when you work non stop. Well, I have to admit this summer was not all about exciting commissions and new projects as planned but also about family. As I am sure all of you know, when family calls you run or in my case you fly. I was flying back and forth for July and August but that is what you do, right and as there are smiles all around now, it is worth it. On the downside I had to cut some corners, one was my blog and social media posts and even though this is no good the artist inside me is angry at not having finished or even started planned projects. Don't get me wrong I don't wanna sound ungrateful, I am good, my family is fine and we have what we need but still, something is now very incomplete. Now and since some problems aren't solved in two months time I had to decide what to do. After all the crying or running around like a headless chicken is not going to cut it. 


First, I will finish my latest commissions this month. It is a wonderful minimal cube and rectangular pale grey modular concrete display set. Second, I will be photographing some new sculpture sets and other display ideas. Hopefully, I will manage to have my shop looking pretty autumny / christmassy by the beginning of October. Third, I will finally be accommodating a simple request by you. Those who have met me at markets or other events have seen me show or explain things and I will try to bring up some of these DIY's on my blog. Like decoration for all year around with the ornaments or use essential oils with my candle holders or the moss. 


And last but not least and most soul healing to me - I will be  crafting another series of soul cubes. I crafted 10 soul cubes in 2012 and besides from one, my soul, all have been sold and given to supporters at the beginning of PASiNGA. Since it has never been a closed series and my soul is aching right now I find it fitting to explore this series further. After all there is not one soul like the other and my mind is exploding with ideas. I have drawn out many ideas and already started to build some moulds. Now, I can not promise you to be involved in the whole process, you know how we artists are, but I can promise you that the first pieces will be shown and available via my website and Etsy exclusively. With a bit of luck I will posting about it as well. 

OK, I will have to stop now, some pieces need to come out off their mould and others need to be wrapped for tomorrows mail.

Thanks for your support all year around, it is so much appreciated!



Soul Cube 'My Soul', original concrete sculpture by PASiNGA
Soul Cube 'My Soul', original concrete sculpture

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