Frank Lloyd Wright - Part 3

The Guggenheim, New York, photography by PASiNGA
The Guggenheim, New York, photography by PASiNGA

Let's dive right in but if you have missed part 1 or 2 click on the numbers to catch up. 


These first two parts showed that the  connectivity of spaces and their arrangement in plan is key to the user experience. When Wright got the opportunity to work on a museum for Guggenheim he proposed a fluid flow of exhibition spaces. These were arranged along one ascending spiral ramp around a central atrium. Visitors would take a lift to the top floor and experience the exhibits along a continuous journey without the need to retrace their steps to find the exit.



Fun fact - Wright was filled with dismay when the owners moved into their new home bringing along some of their old furniture which quite often didn't fit in so that Wright started taking matters in his own hands by not only providing the architecture but also the interior design, built-in furniture and free standing pieces. He also provided landscape proposal surrounding the house to achieve the desired unity of design.


Fallingwater, by many considered his masterpiece, is next on my list for a visit - hopefully soon...


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