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You have done the basics - water, air and love. You are ready for the next step and your Air Plant/s too?
Well ok, let's do this!


What if have been traveling and couldn't keep to my watering routine?

If you use the once week 20 minutes bathing method like me don't worry too much, as long as your Air Plant is still alive you give it first of all water. Don't forget best is filtered water!
Please allow it to soap this time for about 2 hours. Shake excess water off as usual, let it dry [best upside down] and it all is good place it onto it's concrete holder.


Air Plants by PASiNGA
A happy Oaxacana Air Plant

Done that, but it does not look really happy just yet?!

Yep I can imagine. Let's get the scissors out!
A bit of grooming is needed. It is normal that lower leaves of your tillandsias dry out as the plant grows. Sometimes even due to climate change or because of the simple fact that there was not enough water. You can pull those leaves off, gently please. 
If a leave is broken or the tip has dried out you will have to trim. The trick here is to trim in an angle to leave a natural pointy looking tip. However, don't worry it will do fine if the aesthetics of a straight cut appeals more to you.

Don't be shy or worry too much about harming your Air Plant - it will regrow.

And there is also the option of Fertilizer and Temperature adjustment to really make up for your oversight!

Always have your Air Plant enjoy temperatures above  45 degrees Fahrenheit / 8 degrees Celcius. However best is 50 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit / 10 to 32 degrees Celcius will help them even more.

Fertilizing your air plant/s is nothing you need to necessarily to do. I mean I have not done it yet and these magical plants showed the beauty in blue, purple and pink once or twice already. However, you keep them in top shape and could promote reproduction if you do.
There are special fertilizer out there but I have been told a water-soluble fertilizer will do. By that I mean stuff like Mircal-Grow or Rapid Grow, houseplant fertilizer at 1/4 strength or lower. Well, I would love to hear your insides as I have not done it so far.

Concrete Art and Air Plants by PASiNGA
In front Rubra and back Medusae Air Plant

I hope you enjoyed this little post - cheers to happy Air Plants and I look forward to your comments and pictures via the social media links or email!


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