Frank Lloyd Wright - Part 2

The son of a minister and teacher Wright was brought up with literature by Emerson and Goethe and music by Bach and Beethoven. As a result he placed man in the centre of his buildings with human values always being the first consideration in his design process and the industrial revolution gave him the tools to realize his imaginations. Besides his well-known domestic architecture Wright had a great impact on building typologies for other uses including offices, factories, worship and exhibitions.


The Larkin Building was one of the first open plan office buildings where the employee was no longer separated from the employer creating a unique sense of family within a cooperation. This was partly achieved by the simple architecture without the need for any decoration and the arrangement in plan. All back of house areas including stairs were allocated in the corners of the building and structural supports were associated with internal or external screens. Therefore the internal space was free for use.


One more part to follow, join me for the grand finale!



Illustration by Heidi Mergl, Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Blog

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    Freya (Wednesday, 29 March 2017 16:15)

    thanks Heidi - will be back - he is one of my favourite architects too