3 New Designs For My Etsy Shop

Quirky Houses  |    Concrete, SHiNY Copper and LIVING Air Plants Meet

Concrete Air Plant Houses by PASiNGA
These 3 quirky Concrete House Air Plant holders enter my Etsy Shop this month and the full collection is already available here [click the image].

The Chimney

The playful cylinder Air Plant vase is called 'Chimney' as it is inspired by the stunning chimneys of the London Battersea Power Station. Each cup is unique by its shade of grey as well as the little marble effect where base colours meet and of course its inspirational imperfections and raw texture. 

Concrete House No3

Concrete House No3 was the first of its kind and inspired by Hannah from 'Hannahinthehouse'. Simplistic yet a warm feeling of home. A miniature home brought to live by the living Air Plant or candle light. The shiny touch of copper is optional!

Concrete House No4

No4 is a playful shaped concrete house which could be a beautiful home for Air Plants but could also be a spacious holder for taper or dinner candles. The concrete house displays wonderfully on its own or in a grouping with the other concrete house shapes.

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Well, of course there is always more to explore, enjoy the browse, I am happy to have you,
Antje xx

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