Venice Biennale 2016 | Giardini | The Pavilions

It was an exciting 2nd day at the biennale. As you may know the main topic is how to cope with refugees as well as to make cities more flexible and therefore architecture and design. In my humble opinion there are only few really good starting points like giving people first of all a roof (Finland). It is basically the idea to provide a proper pitched roof structure for people rather than a tent and the other floors of the house are being built once the refugee feels to be at home. Others create opportunities by building a 'basic house structure' and the new owners fill it up, design and build the rest to their liking, .... One last interesting idea which stuck with me, maybe because I am an artist, is from Japan.  Imagine a cube like house, each corner has private rooms for at least a student but can be for a whole family. In the centre of the building at ground floor level is a common ground, community area if you like, to meet, explore and adventure together. 


Well, from regeneration of the traditional to new ideas only time will tell if any of these, or maybe all of them together, can make the difference. 


Enjoy the snappies and have a great Sunday.


See you back from London, Tuesday will be all back to normal!




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