Villa La Rotonda + Ice Cream

Just a short train ride from Venice to Vicenza and my first Italian ice cream of the day is all it takes to follow the path of Andrea Palladio.

Heading into the town centre first to see the Basilica Palladium and a couple of other civic and private buildings by the same architect on the way. Impressive structures, artful solutions to problems of past times and local street artists create an impressive atmosphere.

So what a perfect opportunity for a cup of coffee and a break in the shadow of the basilica watching people passing by and admiring the architecture. 


In the afternoon the highlight of the day - taking the local bus to the outskirts of Vicenza to visit the architect's most famous building. The Villa Capra, also known as La Rotonda, is standing tall above its surrounds in a shear simply and perfect symmetry. 

It is breathtaking, the details and thoughtfulness, from the outside to the inside and back, a perfect harmony of leading lines and angles.

Well, as you maybe can imagine I would love to share photos however where ever we went we have been asked not to. 

I will respect their wishes as I admire what they are trying go protect and instead invite you to make the trip and enjoy it with ice cream or without by yourself. 


But now it's time to get started, 'arsenale' is waiting, sun is up and waiting for us to join the fun.


See you soon


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