Welcome to Venice, An Inspirational Break

Welcome to Venice in Italy where every other year architects from all over the world gather to exhibit theme specific works. This year's exhibition is curated by Alejandro Aravena under the title reporting from the front looking at some of the key challenges our society is faced today and how these can, at least partially, be addressed by architecture - housing, migration, recycling ... but that's it for now. More to follow in the coming days. 


Source, labiennale.org
Fly with me ....
Source, labiennale.org
Amazing atmosphere in Venice


After a wonderful long breakfast and writing this post we are on our way to the one and only train station in Venice. If wifi is a available I will be sharing live from Villa Capra "La Rotonda" in Vicenza. In any case have an amazing day and I will see you tomorrow, breakfast time, for my next post! 



Loving the hidden gems of Venice
Loving the hidden gems of Venice
Loving the hidden gems

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