The future is exciting

The Future is Exciting, moodboard with images and design via PASiNGA and Pinterest

... and it's all ours!


2016 is here and I will try to make it my own with cozy linen chic and minimalist design.

I am planning to do 'less is more' with the right not only privately but with my website, designs and custom work too.
My personal soul goal for 2016 is to take half an hour everyday to just breath and to think my own thoughts, to allow myself to be.

It sounds so easy and is so hard for me as I am usually doing one thing while thinking of the next three. Well, wish me luck and I wish you the same for all your new year goals!


Be inspired and lots of love!




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Enjoy your stay!


Images via Pinterest and PASiNGA
[source and more on my Pinterest board 'Moodboard Pins']


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