Too Cool for School

Etsy Treasury Collection 'Too Cool for School' by OAOAstudio

Too Cool for School, Etsy Treasury Collection by OAOA Studio

Black and White Perfection

A wonderful mix of handmade modern monochrome home decor and fashion accessories. Loving it all - so so beautiful.
Thank you so much for
this minimalist inspiring collection!

Find out more about the designer makers and their works - visit this collection on Etsy.

Creative day, lots of love,



Please feel invited to comment, explore the categories above or to click here to find more of my Concrete Art like the Set of 9 Diamond and Crystal Concrete Ornaments featured in this collection.

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    Lax Shoes (Friday, 20 November 2015 11:35)

    Thank you for featuring my Black Pipes Sandals on your Beautiful Collection! Soon Great!