Top Ten Tallest Buildings in London

The skyline of London is ever-changing and new buildings will be constructed in the years ahead. Heidi was so kind to prepare some updates to the original post back from 2015. Back then it was just lovely to have the background to the first round of London images I took. Now I feel it is just good to update this post as it is a balance of ancient and modern architecture as well as the creation of new areas, often better suitable and sustainable uses of the land. Of course even more details are over on Heidi's new blog but for a quick overview have a look at the comparison with images and graphics below ...


London's Skyscrapers, art print symmetry by PASiNGA
Walkie Talkie or 20 Frenchchurch curve detail - art print 'symmetry'
Top Ten London Skyscrapers
One of the first high rise buildings in London - art print 'centre point'


The two buildings above did not make the cut but they are just so beautiful I had to show them as well and if it is just to convey the  feeling of the detailed geometric beauty and the vibes of the modern architecture in the city of London. 

Over centuries London’s Skyline was dominated by church spires and in particular St. Paul's Cathedral. However since the lifting of height restrictions in the 1960 a number of high rise developments have been realised across the city. Some of the first most notable ones are the Centre Point and Tower 42 followed by a number of towers in the docklands. 30 St Mary Axe – commonly referred to as the gherkin ...

Top Ten Tallest Buildings In London 2015
Graphic for illustration by Heidi Mergl Architect
Top Ten Tallest Buildings In London, Cheesegrater Detail Photography By PASiNGA
The Leadenhall building also known as Cheesegrater, art print 'mirror'
London Top Ten Tallest Buildings
St. Mary Axe also known as the Gherkin - art print 'centuries'
Top Ten London Skyscrapers 2019
Graphic for illustration by Heidi Mergl Architect

Of course the art prints are available for sale over on my print page but I also welcome your photography requests - so please do get in touch, if you are looking for a specific building to be captured. And yes indeed visit Heidi's blog if you are looking for more information about this future London projects or on world architecture, are up for building your own home or even a skyscraper as that is actually what she does. 

Wishing you all a fabulous day, 
Antje and greetings from Heidi


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Hello - my name is Heidi Mergl, I am a London based Architect and I am a guest blogger for Antje and I go way back and we share my passion for modern design and architecture. We often feel inspired by the same things and we hope to inspire you too. My articles can be found within the blogs inspirations section or by searching below by my name.  

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