What is done in love is done well

Mood Board Collection 'Gifts given with Love' with images via PASiNGA and Pinterest
Mood Board Collection 'Gifts given with Love'

Christmas is around the corner and I am excited.
I can wrap the first gifts and I think I found with these inspirations above my dinner table decor. I am going to keep it all warm, natural and simple. I will have some concrete solids on the table carrying candles for the cozy atmosphere. With the baking my friends have to help [I really can't bake] but I asked for loads of chocolate - you know me. What are your plans?

Lot's of Love,

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All images used for this moodboard can be found, with sources + links, on my Pinterest board 'Moodboard Pins' and for the Concrete Diamond Pendants / Gift Tags [Set of 3] why not click here.



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