Black & White Decor

Well not just black and white but all the shades of grey.
I am planning a few changes in my studio so I thought I share my inspirational findings with you.
As you know I love black and white but still to make it cozy and fun it sometimes needs an extra twist.
Let's see!

interior and design PASiNGA blog post
via Pinterest please click for source
interior design PAsiNGA blog post
candle sticks and the box - love [click for source]

Thanks for stopping by, you know I love to have you here. If you have anymore ideas or just done a project on your own, feel invited to leave a comment.
All the best


<<<< Just kidding - although it would be something if after a few changes it would look like this - dreams ...

Okay let's look for some decoration ideas...

black and white interior PASiNGA blog post
love these little details - Pinterest [just click for source]
interior inspiration
Great idea - will wrap some my of boxes and books in white paper [click for source]

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