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Getting started with creating a stunning gallery or art wall is not as hard as it may look. It all starts with organising your collected works of art, family photos, wall hangings, maybe Air Plants, keys or mirrors.

Now choose the wall for your collection. It doesn't matter if you have already enough art works to fill it completely or just the beginning and wish to let the display grow over time, the process is the same.

First you could consider cutting out templates of the frame sizes of your works and pieces. They can be taped directly to the wall and you could use them to mark the spots for the nails or frame hooks. But don't forget to play a bit with them, take a picture of every combination you like. Choose the one you like the most and measure it for your final arrangement. 

Gallery wall arrangement with templates by PASiNGA blog
Here is another example for the template method, click for the source, enjoy!

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